Welcome to the Community Intervention Information System (CIIS) for South Sudan.

The system is meant to contribute improving the livelihood of the South Sudan populations affected since several years by social, climatic and political unrests, through an exchange of data and information among all involved supporting donors and implementing organisations, but also providing to the wider public and local authorities a picture of what is happening on the territory in terms of support to agriculture, livestock, Disaster Risk Reduction and Natural Resources Management and others.

This information includes humanitarian and resilience interventions in order to strength the coordination between them.

Every village receiving support is recorded and the information is shared with all interested parties in order to transmit field realities, maximize efforts and avoid overlapping and waste of resources.

CIIS also gives the magnitude of each activity implemented at village, boma, payam, county and state levels, presenting them on spreadsheets and maps, based on selected information as requested.

You are kindly invited to benefit from this wide compendium of data that will help you in planning and/or monitoring your projects by clicking on the Sign in button.

Welcome again,
The CIIS Team

for further information:

Projects mapping in South Sudan